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Natural Bodybuilding

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My Physique Transformation Story
How I Gained 40 Pounds In Only 4 Months!

The story that follows is all 100% factual. The weights and dates have not been altered, I’ve kept track with pictures, measurements, and I meticulously recorded every rep and weight of every workout. I also have hundreds of friends and family who have witnessed this transformation and of course, most importantly, my loving wife Emily who’s stood by my side through it all.

My name is Gabe Davis I am a drug free natural bodybulder. I had lifted on and off for twelve years and my weight had fluctuated but I really hadn’t gotten anywhere.

October Starting weight: 170

By the end of last summer I weighed a soft 170. I didn’t feel good, didn’t look good and was ready for a change. I decided to get serious and transform myself into the person I wanted to be with the body that I wanted.

November: 175 lbs

October 23, 2006 was my first day back in the gym in months. I discovered some Natrual Bodybuilding Secrets called Muscle Express Training, I started with "The Basic Program" and also was taking Ecdy-Bolin at the time just one, three times a day.

December: 185 lbs

Saturday December 16th I measured for the first time since I’d started. Here’s what I found: Biceps: 13” to 15 ¼” Forearms: 11 ¾” to 13 ½” Chest 41 ½” to 43 ½” Neck: 15 ½” to 15 ¾” Mid Thigh: 22 to 22 ½” Total weight: 170-185lbs The 2+ inches on my arms and chest really blew me away.

January: 195 lbs

I continued with the Muscle Express Training by moving on the "The Mass And Power Phase". I also was now taking 10 Nitrobol twice a day in addition to the Ecdy-Bolin. On January 25th, (5 weeks). Biceps: +1”, Forearms: +3/4”, Chest: +2”, Neck, +1 ¼” Mid Thigh: +1 ½” Weight: +14.5 lbs (199.5). This was now three inches to my biceps, four inches to my chest and 29.5 pounds in three months flat.

February: 210 lbs

I had started taking Andro Shock. This stuff changed my world. I honestly figured I was about to plateau here. As you notice above, I was trying hard to hit 200 and hadn’t yet. In the next 3 ½ weeks, after lifting for 3 months, I experienced my most extreme change yet. I gained 10 lbs of lean muscle and my chest added another two inches. How? Because starting January 31st I started the Muscle Express Training "Pre Fatigue Supersets Phase" and doubled the Andro Shock intake. It was ridiculous. Everyone at the gym took notice. My weights were up, my sets were up, my rests were down, my intensity was insane. It was quite literally as if I had shifted into another gear.

In mid-February I went back to taking Ecdy-Bolin but this time I took two capsules, three times a day and in the last two weeks have put on another five lbs of muscle. I haven’t re-measured again but know my chest in particular is growing insanely as I’m maxing out my shirts that I wasn’t a few weeks ago.

Natural Bodybuilding
Before and After Pictures

Before 170 Poundsspace After 210 Pounds

I Gained 40 Pounds In Only 4 Months!

The best news of all… I’m not done. This is just a progress report. I’m still lifting. Still cycling different Natural Bodybuilding Supplements and still learning new Natural Bodybuilding Tips. In October, if I would have read this story written by somebody else, I may have just laughed. That’s why when I did it, I wanted to document it all, to prove, this can really happen.

Sincerely Yours:

Gabe Davis

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What Is Natural Bodybuilding?

Natural bodybuilding is basically the proper and drug-free way to build muscle and get ripped. Basically when we say natural it means without the aid of steroids, growth hormone, insulin or any other illegal or banned substances.

All Natural Bodybuilding

Steroid using bodybuilders are much more likely to develop health issues, damage their internal organs and die younger. All natural bodybuilding not only builds muscle and burns off fat but it also increases your health and longevity. Some may go so far as to say that all natural bodybuilding means you shouldn't take any supplements, but this is not true - supplements are natural vitamins, minerals, proteins and herbs.

What some people fail to realize about natural bodybuilding is that you can achieve the results you are looking for without steroids, you just have to have the know how and work hard at it. By working hard at diet and exercise you can achieve your goals easier than you think possible. In order to achieve a peak state of muscle mass it is important to workout intensively and eat whole foods. High protein foods must be a regular food source daily as well.

Natural Bodybuilding Competitions

These day there are more and more natural bodybuilding competitions. Many of these events are run by the WNBF, which stands for the world natural bodybuilding federation. This group is widely known and accredited for it's clean and natural men and women competitors. The WNBF does responsible drug testing of all the competition participants. It is federations like these that help keep the world a clean safe and drug free place.

For more information on natural bodybuilding read about Natural Bodybuilding Training, Natural Bodybuilding Supplements and also see our free online Natural Bodybuilding Magazine

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