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Teenage Bodybuilding Tips
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About Big O Teenage Bodybuilder

So your asking your self, who the hell is Big O and why the hell should I listen to this guy? Well keep your panties on and I will tell you.

Well I started this website the summer after my freshmen year of highschool into my sophmor year. It was a horrible excuse for a website and more of a collection of artiles and links that I found informative since it was then that I just started lifting. That was the year I started football which has totally changed my life. You see I wasn't one of those naturally gifted athletes who had play pop warner and had some experience, in fact I was the exact opposite. I weighed less then 100 pounds and I was just in shock as I entered the weight room and saw these huge beasts of men lifting and toiling weight that was heavier then I. As you can guess I took a ton of shit that year from everyone: teamates, friends and even family, very few people thought I could succeed and I even questioned my self at times. However as the season ended I knew what I wanted at that point in life and that was to proove everyone wrong that I could suceed at this sport. From that point on I crammed my head with knowledge about bodybuilding/power lifting and general weights. I talked to my coaches, some of the older players who seemed to know what they were doing, read numerous books and spent countless hours on the internet, just filling my mind with information. Armed with that knowledge I hit the weights hard, I saw a huge change starting from the end of my first season to the second season. I broke our school's power clean record and proper form stopped me from the squat record. (I still had a few quircks at that time such as not going low enough in squats) I ended up starting my sophmore year but my football career ended early due to a knee injury ( that a whole story on it's own)

So that's the origin of the site. Ever since then I been adding to it whenever I can. As I said I started the site when I was about 15/16 and I will be turning 20 this spring. The site has been through a lot. I remember a time when I was begging people to send their pics in and now I am almost at the point of begging people not to send them in. In my mind this site has accomplished everything that I wanted. It's informed numerous people about the benefits of weight lifting and has ensured countless others on proper form and technique and I am confident it has helped changed the lives of many viewers for the better. However NONE of this would be possible with out YOU GUYS the viewers. You guys send in the recipies, the pictures for the galleries, the song suggestions and countless feedback. Without the viwers this site would be far from where it is today.

I'll finish this ramble on where I think this site is going. Currently it's I am ranked 3rd via on "Teen Bodybuilding" As much as I hate to be 3rd in anything and rather finish #1, I am damn pleased with that results. The number 1 & 2 sites are A site has is run by a supplement company basedin Idaho which contains a professional staff to run their site and recruits a TON of writers to write their articles. Nothing against that. However I on there I otherhand balance this site with school work, btw I will be starting my 2nd year at UC Davis as a Biotechnology/Pre Med major, my job, my social life and being a damn college student, a poor one at that. I obviously do not have the time and funding to create a site as great as others with a professional staff. However to see a random 19 year old kid who started this site when he was a freshmen in high school to even compete with them and ranked with them, I am damn proud of that.

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